Bidik Misi Scholarship Brings Future Successes

Obtaining scholarships surely motivates recipient students to study harder and make achievements. Such is the case for recipients of Bidik Misi scholarships, they are asked to become good leaders in the future.

That was stated by Director of Student Affairs of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Dr. Senawi, MP, when giving briefing to new students who receive the Bidik Misi scholarship Year 2012 in Grha Sabha Pramana, Bulaksumur, on Wednesday (26/12). As many as 1,102 UGM students became sholarship recipients.

“The students who receive the scholarship are very lucky, because at UGM an organisation has been established to manage the scholarship. Communication became much better, thereby able to bring success in the future,” he said.

To become successful, Senawi said that students cannot depend on academic records only but also organisational experience. “It is because besides academic achievements, building network is also important,” he explained.

Therefore, there are things to be observed so that students can become outstanding students. They are asked to develop personality, have vision and mission, build success comprehensively and develop talent, interest and logic. “Students need to have and formulate vision and mission and goal, strategy and action, able to decide how to assess success, appreciate even little progresses, and willing to learn from anybody and gain experience,” Senawi added.

CEO of BNI Bank of Semarang branch, Bambang Kuncoro, believes that the motivation of recipients from UGM is learn and learn, graduate cum laude and have a career. BNI, therefore, opens the door wide for those outstanding students to have a career. “UGM alumni at BNI are the most. We’re happy because UGM alumni who are assigned anywhere whether in Merauke and Jayapura can survive and progress,” said Bambang.

As many as 506 graduates from S1 level and 181 from S2 level have a career in BNI. They are from different faculties so they are able to build a network well. “We’re happy as UGM graduates are realistic. The more experts from different disciplines will surely support logical and analytical thinking more,” he added.