Custard-Apple Potential as Anti-Cancer and Renal Failure Drugs

Mulwa fruit or more often known as the custard-apple or wild sweetsop (Annona reticulata) has started to become difficult to find because there are not plenty of them being planted. Belonging to the Annona genus from the tropics, this plant has a kinship with Soursop (Annona muricata) and sugar apple (Annona squamosa).  The custard-apple has become increasingly scarce because not many people like the taste of this fruit and the amount of fruit crops are relatively little in one tree.
Based on the results of a research by Dra. Hamida, M. Kes., custard-apple is a valuable food commodity and potentially more useful for health. This fruit contains compounds for anti-cancer acetogenin and alkaloids to overcome renal failure. "A custard-apple is rarely planted. It tastes bad, but it contains useful active ingredients. If people realize this, it is actually useful for good health," said the staff from the Science and Technology Faculty, Airlangga University, to reporters after the open promotion examination in the Faculty of Biology, UGM, Saturday (31/10).
According to Hamidah, eating natural fruits is very useful, especially to ward off various diseases that come with age. "If we go back to nature, we would survive. Because as age grows, healthy food is important, "said the 1037th UGM doctoral graduate.
In conclusion of her dissertation entitled "Biosystematics of Murricata L. Annona, Annona squamosa and Annona Reticulata by Numerical Approach", it is noted that the variation of phenotypic characters of soursop fruit, custard-apple, and the sugar apple in different habitats is not followed by changes in genotypic characteristic variation  and taxon rank based on alkaloids and flavonoids contents and DNA fingerprinting with RAPD technique.
Prof. Dr. Santoso as Hamida’s promoter advised that research should be continued. "After becoming a doctor you should not be complacent, because there is more responsibility to continue the results of this research," he said.