PSKK UGM Holds Sea Survival Training

UGM Center for Population and Policy Studies (PSKK) organized a Sea Survival event. The sea survival training held on Thursday (24/2) in the Laguna of Glagah Indah beach, Kulon Progo Regency. This event was attended by as many as 17 employees of PSKK, especially those involved in the cooperation projects between PSKK and BP Indonesia in the proximity area of Tangguh LNG project in Papua.

Dr. Setiadi, M.Sc., chairman of the District Assistance Project (DAV) of Tangguh LNG Papua from the cooperation conveys that the necessity to conduct sea survival is very important, especially when project’s staff and assistants more intensively carry out a variety of air, sea and river travels while performing activities in Papua. "The staff and assistants are required to conduct activities with a high HSE standards and the ability to do the JSA (Job Safety Analysis)," Setiadi said in a release sent out on Thursday (24/2).
The sea survival training, said the Anthropology lecturer, was given in two sessions of theory and practice. The trainings provided among others are the mastery of survival technique, the use of rubber boats, the rescue at sea, accident management at sea, the introduction of emergency food in the waters surrounding, and identifying the location of the nearest island when at sea. Next are the use of assisting devices for emergency buoy, first aid techniques for broken bones, dehydration, the introduction of simple survival tools, and techniques of artificial respiration. Intensive training is also provided for staff and assistants who do not have the ability to swim. The Sea Survival training and practice are given the full support by the V Navy Main Base of Yogyakarta
Regarding the cooperation between between PSKK and BP Indonesia, Setiadi said that cooperation has been established since 2003. Various project’s activities have been implemented, including the biannual census of the population in the DAV's and Non-DAV conducted in 2005, 2007, 2009. The other activities are the assistance of district and village officials since the year 2007-2010, re-conducted in the 2011-2014 period, study of the impact of migration in the year 2007, assistance of immigration control in the year of 2006-2008. The Cooperation with BP Indonesia is led by Dr. Setiadi, M.Sc. Other ongoing activity is the assistance program for SKPD officers in the district level (2010-2013).