UGM is The Best in Indonesia

YOGYAKARTA – Again, Universitas Gadjah Mada becomes the best University in Indonesia of Webometrics version. According to an announcement released by Webometrics in late July 2012, UGM is ranked ninth in the list of top 100 universities in Southeast Asia and ranked 379th of the world.
In the list of top 100 universities in South East Asia, there are at least 32 Indonesian Universities in the list of Webometrics. In addition to UGM, University of Indonesia ranks 15, followed by ITB (18), ITS (19), University of Education Indonesia (22), Gunadarma University (24), IPB (25), Brawijaya University (29), University of Eleventh of March Surakarta (30 ) and Diponegoro University (32).

Assessment criteria used by Webometrics is different from previous times. Previously, Webometrics used criteria of size, visibility, rich text, and scholary, but this time it uses presence, impact, openness, and excellent as assessment criteria. Presence is the volume of global content indexed by the largest commercial search engine (Google), impact is the quality of the content of external links evaluated from a third party with its visibility of data using two search engines, Majestic SEO, and Ahrefs. Openness is the number of rich files (pdf, doc, docs, and ppt) indexed in google scholar while excellence takes into account academic work published in international journals that are categorized as high-impact with the source data is taken from Scimago.

Responding to the result of UGM ranking released by Webometrics, UGM Head of Public Relations, Wijayanti, SIP., M.Sc., said the ranking achieved by UGM is as a parameter to measure the achievement of the efforts made by UGM up to now. "It means the dissemination of knowledge and information using UGM webpage increasingly established," Wijayanti said to reporters on Thursday (2/7).

With a bandwidth of 250 mbps provided by PPTIK UGM, she added, the academic community have the discretion to upload their works to be utilized by the public.