UGM is the 7th Best University in Southeast Asia, 1st in Indonesia

This year, UGM ranked seventh in the list of 100 best universities of Southeast Asia based on the Webomatrics, January 2011 edition. It shows that UGM experienced an improvement compared to 2010 edition when UGM was ranked 8 Southeast Asia universities. After UGM, the next position is occupied by UI in 8th place and ITB in 15th place. In the list of 100 best Universities of Southeast Asia, there are 29 universities from Indonesia.

The top ranking of Southeast Asia is occupied by the National University of Singapore, while for Asia and the world, the top are National Taiwan University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology respectively. For Asia ranking, UGM is placed at the 69th position and for the world ranking on 593rd position. While for Indonesia ranking, UGM is ranked the best again following the preceding three years, also in the top position.

"This year, once again UGM wins the title as the best university in Indonesia based on Webometrics version. For the UGM, the top position in Indonesia is similar to that achieved in the Webometrics January 2010 edition, as well as the 2008 and 2009 edition," said the UGM Head of Public Relations and Protocol, Drs. Suryo Baskoro, M.S, on the UGM campus, Friday (4/2).

Webometrics is an institution affiliated with the Spanish National Research Council that in two times a year  in January and July issues a list of rankings. The calculation of Webometrics ranking is based on excellence in electronic publishing (e-publication) in the web domain of each university. The assessment measured from four indicators, namely size (number of electronic publications pages in the university web domain), visibility (number of other pages that list the URL of the assessed domain), rich files (the relevance of electronic resources to academic and publication activities of the respected university), and the scholar (the number of quality publications and citations in university domain). The data collected are processed and used to rank approximately 12,000 universities from around the world.

According to Suryo, the UGM achievements proved that electronic publications in the ugm.ac.id domain is rated as the most comprehensive and rich in this country. "Although we have to be grateful for this achievement, but the ratings is not the goal of UGM. All efforts made by UGM to improve the quality of all aspects of campus life, according to the vision of UGM, are for the sake of the interests and prosperity of the nation," he asserted.