UGM Website: The Best Page in Indonesia

YOGYAKARTA – Achievement, again, is made by Universitas Gadjah Mada. This time, UGM is the first in Indonesia and the eighth in Southeast Asia as college with the best site. This is according to the assessment of Webometrics Ranking of World Universities January 31, 2012.
In addition to UGM, some universities in Indonesia which also made their way into the Top South East Asia in Webometrics version are Bandung Institute of Technology (9th), University of Indonesia (10th), Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (26th), and Bogor Agricultural University (27th).
Webometrics is a website ranking universities around the world. Webometric assesses two things: fame and content. The assessment is made twice ae year, i.e. January and July. Webometrics ranks 20,300 colleges around the world.

Head of UGM Public Relations, Wijayanti SIP, M.Sc, said the raise of UGM rank to be number one in Indonesia was that UGM website at www.ugm.ac.id has successfully met the assessment of four indicators, namely Size (S), the number of pages of electronic publications contained in the university web domain; Visibility (V), or any other pages that list the number of domain URL of University being assessed; Rich Files (RF), the relevance of electronic sources to academic and publication activities of University and Scholar (Sc), the number of qualified publications and citation on domain University. "For this year 2012, UGM rank increased because of the increased visibility and scholar," Wijayanti said at the Public Relation’s office on Monday (6/2).

She further explained that the increasing scholar cannot be separated from the library’s publication of metadata of academicians’ works. The increase in size and visibility cannot be separated from UGM’s effort since 2011 to invite academic community to use UGM website. "The UGM students are encouraged to make use of ugm.ac.id to publish their writings and popularize them in the social networking sites," she said.
Although UGM website’s rank is the best in Indonesia, Wijayanti explained that the ranking is not the goal to be achieved, because UGM focuses on the use of ICT to disseminate the works of its academic community. "For UGM, the ranking is not the main goal, but how to contribute to the settlement of the nation's problems," she said.