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As the oldest pharmacy school in Indonesia receiving grade ‘A’ from Board of National Accreditation for Higher Education (BAN-PT), the Faculty of Pharmacy of Universitas Gadjah Mada has produced qualified and competent graduates in pharmacy and its fields. Since 2017 this study program has been using a new curriculum that facilitate our students to not only be able to master the pharmaceutical science in general, but also the skills in its preparation, distribution, and the optimization of its use.

Our students learn about information with regards to services on pharmaceutical preparations and treatments, and how to educate the public about the procedures for using pharmaceutical preparations in accordance with their needs. To produce highly qualified graduates, we facilitate our students to develop and strengthen their characters, English for communication skills, an English for pharmacy, ethics and leadership skills, professionalism, public speaking skills, and socio-entrepreneurship skills. These relate to the faculty’s aim to direct its students to develop their knowledge, intellectual abilities, and practical skills while aspiring to be good citizens in a civilized society. To support our teaching and learning activities, we have a pharmacognition laboratory, a phytochemical laboratory, a pharmacy management and community pharmacy laboratory, a biopharmaceutical and physical pharmacy laboratory, a pharmaceutical technology laboratory, a medicinal chemistry laboratory, an analytical pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, a pharmacology and toxicology laboratory, and clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy laboratory.

Career Prospects

A number of institutions/companies that have established cooperation with the faculty provide career opportunities for our graduates. These career prospects are in fields including medicine, food, beverages, and cosmetics. In addition, our study program also opens opportunities for our graduates to become pharmacists by enrolling in the Pharmacist Professional Program in our faculty. This program has been accredited and given grade ‘A’. In addition, based on our tracer study, a number of our graduates have become successful entrepreneurs in the field of pharmacy and its related fields.

Crisis Center

Please contact us for any problem with SIMASTER

(Direktorat Teknologi Informasi Directorate of Information Technology )

*Hari Senin-Jumat, 07.00 – 16.00

Call this number for any emergencies

(Kantor Keamanan, Keselamatan Kerja, Kedaruratan, dan Lingkungan Office of Workplace and Environmental Security and Safety and Emergencies)

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