Psychology is the study of mind, brain, and behavior. It is one of the most vibrant and rapidly changing fields that covers various topics, including perception, thoughts, emotions, actions, and social phenomena in group, organizational, educational, and cultural settings. Students will learn the complexity of human behavior through diverse angles, from bio-neurological to socio-cultural, with the company from our lecturers, who currently spearhead research in cognitive neuroscience, mental health, and indigenous psychology. Our faculty offers an excellent educational experience for students to deepen their knowledge and is home to many talented young people from within the country and around the globe.


Career Prospects

Our graduates can pursue careers in many fields and industries and work as: Consultants, Psychologists, HR officers, Educators/teachers, Inspirational authors and creators, Content creators, Influencers, Counselors, Community development facilitators, Training facilitators and motivators, Researchers, Academics, Assistant psychologists (incl. psychological test administrators), Entrepreneurs, Startup founders, User experience analysts, Consumer behavior analysts.


Crisis Center

Please contact us for any problem with SIMASTER

(Direktorat Teknologi Informasi Directorate of Information Technology )

*Hari Senin-Jumat, 07.00 – 16.00

Call this number for any emergencies

(Kantor Keamanan, Keselamatan Kerja, Kedaruratan, dan Lingkungan Office of Workplace and Environmental Security and Safety and Emergencies)

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