The Doctor in Accounting Program consists of coursework and research (dissertation writing) with a three-semester study period of 7 semesters with a maximum study period of 10 semesters. Graduates of this program get a Dr. (Doctor in Accounting) tittle after fulfilling publication and dissertation obligations.

Graduate Competencies

The objectives of the Doctor in Accounting Program are twofold, namely to produce graduates with the best research abilities that capable to conduct international publications and also to equip graduates with in-depth theoretical concepts. The learning method used is research-based learning and student-centered learning that supports the independent-learning process. This program builds an independent learning environment, hard-working, and emphasizes professionals who uphold integrity, ethics, and full of social care. To produce high quality and timely graduates, the main supervisor who will later become the Chairperson of the Promoter has been determined at the beginning of the semester. All lecturers hold Doctoral degrees and most of them are professors who all meet the AACSB international standards, that must have international publications.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this study program have great opportunities for a career as professionals in various national and multinational companies, as academics and researchers in various state and private universities both nationally and internationally. In addition, there are opportunities to become independent researchers (as consultants).


  • Accredited with A grade by BAN-PT
  • Internationally accredited business school by AACSB
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