The Graduate School

Graduate programme at UGM, particularly for doctoral programme has been developed since 1950. While magister programme has been developed since 1980 after government established stratification of higher learning levels, namely S1, S2 and S3.
In the early days, interest in S2 (magister) and S3 (doctorate) programmes were very low. But the competition in globalisation era has brought more interest. Even some people consider it inadequate just to graduate from S1 level. It came as no surprise that the number of students who want to get S2 and S3 degrees keeps increasing. Not only individuals but also government agencies and private companies, such as local government, state enterprises, regionally owned enterprises, NGO, etc, have showed more interest. They realised that having qualified human resources is one way to optimise their institution.

UGM Graduate School is proud to have over 259 Professors and 767 Doctors graduating from within the country or abroad from various disciplines to increase their capacities through  education, teaching and research in S2 and S3 multidisciplinary programme.

The Graduate School of Gadjah Mada University Jl. Teknika Utara, Pogung, Sleman, Yogyakarta, 55281 (0274) 544975, 555881, 564239 Email : website :

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