Quarantine Policy Should be Applied in COVID-19 Red-Zone Areas

Social distancing is one of the efforts implemented to control the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia. Although limitations on activities in public places have applied for the past two weeks are deemed beneficial to control the extent of COVID-19 in several affected areas, according to the Coordinator of the UGM COVID-19 response team, dr. Riris An ...

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UGM Lecturers Build Disinfectant Booth

Some UGM lecturers collaborated to build a disinfectant booth named ID-Chamber as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This tool has been examined in the office of the Directorate of Community Service (DPkM) since Monday (3/23), and it tested at UGM Hospital on Thursday (3/26). "According to some parties, a tool such as the fog c ...

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How to Look After Your Mental Health during Social Distancing

The government urges people to conduct social distancing or maintain social distance to break the chain of Coronavirus or COVID-19 transmission. Limiting interactions in a comparatively long time, one of them by doing activities at home amid uncertain situations without recognizing it affects mental health indirectly. Then, how to un ...

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