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Faculty of Biology UGM was established in 1955 and the oldest Faculty of Biology in Indonesia. Graduates of the Biology study program have high competency in the field of Biology who master knowledge in the field of Biology, especially Tropical Biology. The Faculty of Biology UGM continues to develop Biology, especially Biology in the modern era, in accordance with its role in biotechnology, biodiversity, growth and development biology, cell biology and molecular biology, synthetic biology, bioinformatics, nanobiology, biomaterials, bioprospecting, microbial biology, environmental biology, and entrepreneurship.

Career Prospects

Bachelor of Biology is needed in the development of the world of science, both as a lecturer and researcher in various universities or research institutions. Alumni are also trusted as expert staff in various government and industry institutions owned by the government and the private sector, entrepreneurs, employees or researchers in national and international private companies and SOEs.

Study Program

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