The Bachelor Program in Electronics and Instrumentation (PS Elins) is a study program in the Department of Computer Science and Electronics at FMIPA-UGM. PS Elins produces undergraduates who are intellectual, hold proper morals, competent and possess knowledge in science and technology in the fields of electronics, instrumentation, and computer systems.

Graduate Competencies

Graduates of this study program master electronic systems and instrumentation, measurement with electronic instruments, and computer programming.

Career Prospects

Our graduates have the opportunity to work in government institutions (such as, Ministry of Research and Technology and the Ministry of Education & Culture), BUMN (state-owned enterprises), such as Pertamina (the state-owned oil and natural gas corporation), PLN (the state-owned electricity company), PINPAD (the state-owned arms manufacturer), Telkom (the state-owned telecommunication company), and Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities Agency (BP Migas), and both national and multinational companies in the field of Information and Communication Technology.


    1. Pancasila-minded and have an awareness of the interests of the nation.
    2. Having responsibility, confidence, emotional maturity, ethics, and awareness of being a lifelong learner.
    1. Mastering and able to apply basic concepts of knowledge in the field of electronics and instrumentation.
    2. Mastering research methods and data analysis of research results in the field of electronics and instrumentation.
    3. Able to design electronics-based systems and instrumentation.
    4. Has knowledge in the field of electronics engineering and instrumentation.
    5. Has practical knowledge in the field of electronics and instrumentation.
    6. Has the ability and insight to start independent business in the field of electronics and instrumentation.
    1. Able to adapt to new developments in Electronics and Instrumentation.
    2. Competent in the use of mathematical models and related software for research, engineering and practical purposes in Electronics and Instrumentation.
    3. Able to analyze the measurement needs of physical quantities, and produce prototypes of systems related to the field of Electronics and Instrumentation.
    4. Able to operate and maintain electronic and instrumentation based systems.
    5. Able to utilize analytical method approaches in research and development in the fields of applied science, technology, engineering, science, and technology policy or management of science and
    6. technology.
    7. Identify the need to become an entrepreneur in Electronics and Instrumentation.
    1. Able to apply logical, critical, systematic and innovative thinking by utilizing information technology to produce solutions realized in scientific documents and implementation of areas of expertise with integrity.
    2. Able to develop networks, be adaptive, creative and contributive, provide supervision, evaluate and make decisions in order to show independent and group performance to apply knowledge to community life.
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