Doctor in Computer Science Study Program is an academic-oriented education that was established in 2002. The Computer Science Doctoral Program has been known nationally and internationally, represented by students of multi-ethnicity coming from various islands in Indonesia (from Sabang to Merauke) as well as overseas.


Graduate Competencies

  • The Computer Science Doctoral Program offers 2 main profiles of graduates, namely: Lecturer, and Researcher.
  • Has obtained the best consecutive national accreditation (BAN-PT).
  • There are 30 Supporting Staff in the Computer Science Doctoral Program, all of whom have Doctorates from various branches of Computer Science, graduates from leading home and abroad universities.
  • The Computer Science Doctoral Program in conducting its research is supported by five scientific laboratories, namely Computing, Intelligent Systems, Software and Data Engineering, Computer Systems and Networks, and Instrumentation Electronics.
  • The Computer Science Doctoral Program also has various collaborative programs with domestic and foreign universities, government and private institutions which have been carried out in the form of education and research.
  • The Computer Science Doctoral Program focuses on pure, fundamental and applied research, applying the latest principles and discoveries in the field of science (for example: mathematics, physics, biology) to solve computational problems.
  • The Computer Science Doctoral Program is a program that produces products in the form of new models or theories in the field of computer science based on intelligent computing.
  • The Computer Science Doctoral Program UGM is one of the study programs in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, which studies basic and applied sciences, as well as engineering studies, especially in software.
  • In Universitas Gadjah Mada, the Computer Science Doctoral Program contains more in-depth theoretical studies in the field of computers compared to the Doctoral Program in Electrical and Informatics Engineering with an emphasis on the use of information technology.
  • The Computer Science Doctoral Program UGM has a high level of dispersion from local students in Indonesia, as well as having the largest undergraduate and postgraduate origin compared to the similar programs in other higher education institutions in Indonesia.
  • Judging from its uniqueness, the UGM Computer Science Doctoral Program specializes in intelligent computing, whereas the University of Indonesia Computer Science Doctoral Program strengthening in high-performance computing, the ITB Information Doctoral Program specializing in software engineering, the ITS Information Engineering Doctoral Program specializing in computer systems, and the Gunadarma University Doctoral Program specializing in image processing.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Computer Science Masters Program can work among others as:

  • Lecturer/Educator in the field of Computer Science, at the highest level of Undergraduate
  • Computer Science researcher
  • Intelligent system designers and consultant
  • Data scientist
  • Manager of the system and information technology


  • Accreditation A
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