Geomatics is a study focusing on advanced approaches of measuring, analysing, managing, storing, and presenting description and location of georeferenced data commonly called spatial data. Geographic Information System is developed starting from terestrial surveying and mapping, then collecting and recording data of earth surface by using plane (photogrammetry) and satelite (remote sensing and Global Positioning System) and processing spatial data by using computer to produce geo-spatial based information system.

Graduate Competencies

  1. Possessing practical skills in defining positioning and mapping survey (Positioning and Mapping),
  2. Possessing practical skills in collecting, processing, and presenting geo-spatial data for geo-information,
  3. Possessing practical skills in collecting and processing remote sensing data.

Career Prospects

National Institutions:

  • Indonesian National Defense Bureau
  • Department of Mines
  • Department of Public Works
  • Local Government Bureau, Department of Plantations
  • National Space and Airlines Bureau

Private Institutions:

  • Companies running business on mining (PT. Timah, PT. Krakatau Steel, Thiess, Adaro)
  • Palm oil plantations
  • Companies running business on surveying and mapping
  • Oil and Gas companies (e.g. Schlumberger)
  • Aerial photography companies
  • Remote sensing and information system companies
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