The Masters in Physics Study Program at Universitas Gadjah Mada University was officially established in 1993. Since its establishment until now the UGM Physics Master Program has always received A accreditation from the Indonesia National Accreditation Board of Higher Education. This program is one of the first several Physics Masters programs in Indonesia. The UGM Physics Master Program offers Masters level education in the field of Physics with many options of specialties. Studying the smallest and most basic things such as the study of Particle Physics, to macro objects such as Earth Physics, to very large ones such as Cosmology.

Graduate Competencies

Currently the UGM Physics Master Program has 37 qualified lecturers who were Doctorate graduates from well-known universities, with expertise in various fields of Physics, grouped in four groups of expertise: Theoretical and Computational Physics, Functional Material Physics, Applied Physics, and Geoscience.

In order to improve the quality of education, the UGM Physics Master Program offers students the opportunity to take part in the Double Degree program. The Dual Degree program currently underway is with the Department of Medicine and Computational Science, Kanazawa University. This year the Dual Degree program will also begin with the Department of Physics, National Central University, Taiwan, and with the Department of Applied Physics at Tunghai University, Taiwan. In addition to the Dual Degree program, students also get various opportunities to conduct Student Exchange programs or Short Course programs in several Foreign Universities, including in Japan, Taiwan, and France.

Career Prospects

Most of the graduates have career in academics as lecturers in state and private universities, or become teachers at secondary education, while others become researchers in various government-owned research institutions or become experts in government institution or national private companies. Some of them become entrepreneurs based on science-technology.


  • Accreditation A BAN PT
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