This program is designed to be completed in 3 semesters or 18 months. Two semesters are reserved for gaining a deeper understanding of the realities of social issues, concepts, theories, and paradigms in the field of social and welfare development, while one semester is allotted for guidance and thesis composition, thus giving a total of 45 SKS (credits).

Graduate Competencies

  • Social Policy, focusing on the role of state to solve the social problems. Social Policy aims to protect the well-being of members of society.
  • Community Empowerment, focusing on the process of enabling communities to improve their capacity. Communities are expected to manage their institutions, sources and local potential independently.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility focusing on social responsibility of private companies as their commitment to achieve welfare of society. Students will learn how to manage CSR which can mediate the interest of companies and society to improve the welfare of society.
Crisis Center
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