The S2 (master program) consists of 3 semesters for theories and 1 semester for thesis composition, or 2 semesters for theories and 2 semesters for the thesis, with a total credit of 45 SKS (credit unit). Meanwhile, the S3 (doctoral program) is a 3-year program with 2 semesters of theories.

Graduate Competencies

  • Sociology, this concentration focuses on industrialization, society and democracy, the relationship between the state and market, conflict, the dynamic of society and development, as well as culture as object of studies. Such objects are seen and studied through the humanitarian perspective of sociology.
  • Development and Democracy, this concentration delves into the holistic and in-depth study on the factors that influence policy making, such as development theories, the dynamics of social change, conflicts, social welfare, social policies, and public empowerment.
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