The Masters of Science in Economics program has 5 concentrations namely Development Economics, Public Economics, Monetary Economics, International Economics, and Criminal Economics. The normal duration for completing/finishing this program is four (4) semesters with a maximum study period of three years (6 semesters). The degree that will be achieved is M.Sc. (Master of Science in Economics).

Graduate Competencies

The Master of Science in Management program offers a research-based learning curriculum and a student-centered learning approach. The main areas of management expertise developed in this program include marketing, strategic, human resources, knowledge management and innovation, finance, and Islamic finance to strengthen qualified conceptual / theoretical understanding. In addition, students are equipped with knowledge and skills related to data analysis methodologies and tools. Various soft skills development packaged in the REACH (Researcher’s Enrichment) Program strengthens the ability of students to think critically, communicate well – verbally and in writing, and be ethical and have high integrity.

This program provides many opportunities for students to take part in an exchange and dual degree education program abroad.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this study program have great opportunities for a career as professionals in various national and multinational companies, as academics and researchers in various state and private universities both nationally and internationally. In addition, there are opportunities to become independent researchers (as consultants).


  • Accredited with A grade by BAN-PT
  • Internationally accredited business school by AACSB
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