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UGM Faculty of Law Students Learn Public Speaking

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Ability to speak absolutely should be mastered by students and graduates of the Faculty of Law. It is very strange if students and graduates of this faculty cannot speak in public. The first key that must be owned by a person when speaking in public is confidence. "If people working in legal affairs cannot speak (in public) it would be strange, but I'm sure UGM Faculty of Law students’ public speaking ability is good," said Dean of the UGM Faculty of Cultural Sciences who is also CEO of Abisheka Training Center, Dr. Ida Rochani Adi, S.U, in Workshop on Public Speaking and Personal Development to Establish Personality, which is hosted by the Law Career Development Center (LCDC) of UGM Faculty of Law, Tuesday (8 / 6).

Not just a matter of confidence, in the workshop, Ida also delivered some important factor of public speaking. The factors are verbal and nonverbal factors. Ida explained that the voice, posture, gestures, eyes, breath, and other things become the most widely non-verbal factors considered by the audience. "There are many of the audience who do not like people with high pitched voice,” Ida added.

Ida said things like that can be trained, it is not unchangeable. In this workshop, Ida also taught technical things, such as breath intake through the mouth and stomach breathing while speaking, set the intonation in speech, and other technical matters.

Previously, Dani Krisnawati, S.H, M. Hum., Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni UGM Faculty of Law, said that public speaking ability for law graduates is very important because the ability to speak is the weapon for the law-related professionals in supporting career in the future. "It is expected that future legal graduates are not only able to speak, but also able to communicate well," said Dani at her opening remarks.