Hundreds of Prospective UGM Students Take Sports and Arts Skill Tests

On Wednesday (July 3), 196 prospective students who passed the administrative selection through the Talent Search for Outstanding Students (PBUB) in sports and arts participated in skill te...

The Story of Johan from Samosir: UGM Acceptance Offers Hope for Family’s Future

“Mom, Dad, I got the blue one!” Johan exclaimed to his parents on Tuesday afternoon, March 26, 2024, after returning from the graduation ceremony at school. That was the day the 2024 aca...

UGM Students’ SEAN Program Develops Sembrani Tourism Village in Watusigar, Gunungkidul

Watusigar Village is one of the villages in Gunungkidul that boasts diverse tourism potential. One of its standout potentials is in the agro sector.

Research: MBKM Shortens Job Search Time for Graduates

The Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) Program aims to transform higher education in Indonesia by producing superior and high-quality human resources.  Participation in this program enh...

UGM Leverages Posbindu Program to Monitor Non-Communicable Diseases

The UGM Library and Archives organized the Integrated Service Post for Non-Communicable Diseases (Posbindu PTM) in the lobby on Friday (Jun. 28). This event was part of a series of activitie...

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Hundreds of PMM Students from Outside Java Study for One Semester at UGM

  • 2 July 2024, 11.16
A total of 265 students from 71 universities have completed the Nusantara Module Independent Student Exchange (PMM) program, which began in February and ended in June.  These students are ...
News Report

UGM Students Launch Tech-Powered Pig Waste Recycling Center

  • 2 July 2024, 09.02
News Report

Seven Finalists Compete Fiercely in UGM Three-Minute Public Information Openness Presentation Competition

  • 1 July 2024, 11.54

UGM Wins 2 MURI Awards

  • 1 July 2024, 10.13
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