In Yogyakarta, finding the way how to get around is easy. Yogyakarta is small so having a tour in this city is easy and affordable. In fact, you can just walk to some public facilities and tourist attractions, or you can pick one of the options in Jogja below.

By motorcycle and car

As one of the tourist cities, you can find some travel agencies in Yogyakarta. These travel agencies usually rent motorcycles and cars. The motorcycle rent usually cost you $4 per day while car rent cost you $20 per day. If you want to rent a car but you need a driver, you need to pay more or less $40 per day. Remember that you need to leave your ID card as a collateral.

By online based transportation

Online based transportation is favorable as the easiest, quickest, and cheapest public transportation. You can order Gojek or Grab (two local Uber in Indonesia) to get either motorcycle or car to get around in the city. Some drivers speak English and can recommend you the best local foods and tourist spots in Yogyakarta.

By bus

You can also pick Yogyakarta’s local buses as your travel option. There are two bus terminals in Yogyakarta: Jombor in the north and Giwangan in the south. Yet, this is not recommended. The route options are very limited, no exact schedules, and time-consuming. But, if you’re lucky, you will find a bus to go to your direction. When you are taking a bus, usually you will pay the fare to the bus assistant. Different from local city tour, you can take the bus to reach Yogyakarta’s neighbor cities such as Solo or Semarang.

By TransJogja bus system

Different from local buses, TransJogja bus system is more well-ordered. They have some sets of routes which will bring you to some focal points of the city. The other good news is, TransJogja only stops in the designated shelter. So, if you want to take TransJogja, just go to the shelter. TransJogja also applies flat fare. Whether you will go in short or long route, you only need to pay around $0.45 for one way. TransJogja’s operational hour is between 06.00 - 22.00 hours.

By becak (Trishaw)

Becak is one of traditional transportations that you can find in Jogja. However, you may not find it anywhere. They usually operate near Malioboro or other tourist attraction in the middle of Jogja city. Using becak is a fun way to get around. Just make sure to know where you want to go. Sometimes, the becak’s driver will stray from your plan and take you to their partner’s shop. By doing this, they will get commision from the shop. And you may want to bargain first before hopping on the becak.