Crisis Center

Universitas Gadjah Mada is committed to improving the quality of service for all communities within the University. One of our efforts to stay true to this commitment is by establishing the UGM Crisis Center.
On this page, you can find contact numbers and links that will connect you to various services provided by UGM. Go to the Other References section to learn more about our services.



We encourage you to express your feedback and complaints about our services by contacting the following.




Other References

Click the following to learn more about what we offer:

  • Handling of Sexual Harassment
    • Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure:
    • Pocket Guide on Prevention and Handling of Sexual Harassment on the UGM Campus:
    • Guidelines for Reporting, Handling, and Preventing Sexual Harassment on Campus (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences/Fisipol UGM):
    • Anti-Sexual Harassment Handbook (CDC Fisipol UGM):
    • Fisipol Crisis Center
    • Suar Asa FIB UGM (Faculty of Cultural Sciences)
  • Disability Support Services: (Pocket Guide on Inclusive Campus)
  • Public Information Services:


Relevant Regulations and Policies