The Undergraduate Program in Nutrition and Health was founded in 2003 as the first undergraduate program in nutrition in Indonesia with a primary focus on human health in three area of competences: clinical, community nutrition and food service management. The program is designed to equip a Bachelor of Health Nutrition who are scientifically and practically capable in addressing health issues related to nutrition by offering rigorous and thorough nutrition education through classroom theory and hands-on application in the instructional laboratory. This program is also the first one in Indonesia that successfully arrange a-one-year elective Dietetic Internship Program for students who already receive their Bachelor in Nutrition. After completion of their internship, students will receive a dietician certificate.


Graduate Competencies

Graduates of this study program are expected to have adequate knowledge of the basics of health and food nutrition and its relation to practical knowledge and skills regarding nutritional epidemiology, research on nutritional status, nutritional anthropology, nutritional psychology, nutrition economics, nutritional demography, education on nutritional behavior and nutritional therapy as well as other sciences that can be used as consideration in solving the existing nutritional problems.


Career Prospects

Graduates of this study program can have careers in both private and public hospitals as well as other institutions providing health service facilities including overseas hospitals and institutions. Graduates of this study program can have careers either in government or private institutions, such as hospitals, public health centers, and food industries. In addition, they can also work as teachers, nutrition consultants, or work in other institutions engaged in the prevention of food problems and nutrition improvement.


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