Daughter of Farm Worker From West Sumatra to Study for Free at UGM

The desire to change her fate and uplift her family’s status motivated Asysyfa Maisarah (18) to apply to Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM).

Introducing Aufrutable Prestool, A Tool to Enhance Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

Five UGM students have developed an innovative tool called Aufrutable Prestool to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Draco-Chew: An Innovation from Dragon Fruit Peel Extract by FKG UGM Students

Dental plaque is composed of bacteria from food residues in the mouth. The thicker the plaque layer on the tooth surface, the more bacterial accumulation there is, potentially leading to ca...

UGM Students Research Community Capital in Corporate Farming Program in Bantul Regency

A team of Universitas Gadjah Mada students from the Student Creativity Program in Social Sciences and Humanities Research (PKM-RSH) is researching the corporate farming (land consolidation)...

UGM Students Develop EMO-vest: A Protective Device for Epilepsy Patients

One of the Student Creativity Program in Intellectual Creation (PKM-KC) teams from Universitas Gadjah Mada has developed a monitoring and protective device for epilepsy patients called EMO-v...

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UGM Students Empower People with Disabilities in Gunungkidul Through Stingless Bee Farming

  • 18 July 2024, 13.43
To help address the unemployment issues related to limited job access for people with disabilities, a group of UGM students has assisted an Empowerment Group for People with Disabilities ca...

UGM Penahala Team Utilizes Hala Fruit for Menstrual Pain Relief

  • 18 July 2024, 10.22

UGM Students Develop GASTREIT for GERD Patients

  • 18 July 2024, 09.05
News Report

East Lombok Student Earns UGM Physics Spot with Full Tuition Subsidy

  • 18 July 2024, 08.33
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