The Master in Geological Engineering Program was established in 1997. Our program is designed for graduate students or practitioners who work in industries/institutions related to geo-resources, geological hazards, or geo-environment. In responding to further developments and advancements of geological science, starting from 2017, our study program offers eight specializations, namely engineering geology, groundwater, coal and petroleum geology, geothermal technology, mineral geo-resources, volcanology, tectonics and geomorphology, and quaternary geology and environment. Our study program also offers Master by Course and Master by Research with the intended specialization and is accredited A by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT). Since 2003, we have been selected as the Host Institution for Geological Engineering from the ASEAN University Network (AUN/SEED-Net) and recently had Dual Degree Program for geoscience program and volcanology program with Kyushu University, Japan, and tunneling dan underground space program with Warwick University, UK.

Graduate Competencies


National: Accredited A (BAN-PT)

Duration of Study

1,5 – 2 years or 3 – 4 semesters

Credit Requirements

minimun 40 SKS (credit system)

Degree Title

M.Eng. (Master of Engineering)

Global Mobility

Student Exchange Program – Lakehead University, Canada.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the program, students will have the ability to:

  1. Able to identify and analyze problems in the field of geological engineering by applying knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences, information technology, and engineering.
  2. Able to design and evaluate problem solutions in the field of geological engineering based on research by using techniques and engineering instruments/tools.
  3. Able to convey solutions to problems in the field of geological engineering to respected authorities with good communication and responsibility.
  4. Able to consider the effect of problem solutions in the field of geological engineering towards the environment, society, social-economy, and culture with upholding professional ethics.
  5. Able to build teamwork in multi-disciplines and multi-cultures, develop and maintain networks, and improve learning capacity independently.

Career Prospects

Popular career destinations for our graduates include:

  1. practitioners/professional geological engineers in the field of extraction, mitigation, and conservation that are related to geological resources, geothermal, mineral resources, hydrogeology, and geo-environment,
  2. entrepreneurs and independent consultants in geological engineering,
  3. civil servants/bureaucrats in the field of geological resources, geo-environment, and geological disasters,
  4. researchers and academics in the field of geological resources, environment, and geological disasters.



National student IDR 13,000,000 and International student IDR 35,000,000 per semester


AUNSeed-Net Scholarship, KNB Scholarship, LPDP Scholarship, GMIF Scholarship, Faculty of Engineering UGM Scholarship, Independent Institutional Scholarship.

Crisis Center

Please contact us for any problem with SIMASTER

(Direktorat Teknologi Informasi Directorate of Information Technology )

*Hari Senin-Jumat, 07.00 – 16.00

Call this number for any emergencies

(Kantor Keamanan, Keselamatan Kerja, Kedaruratan, dan Lingkungan Office of Workplace and Environmental Security and Safety and Emergencies)

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